About Coastside Services
Coastside Services offers a unique set of products and services, not often found within the average small business model. Charles has built his experience in the field with a vocational background covering a unique and diverse collection of skills that make up his profession. His early years in school and personal hobbies as a youth in Portland Oregon developed mechanical, electrical and woodworking skills. Charles enlisted in the US Navy in 1983 and continued his education in electrical and electronics involving communications equipment, weapon control systems and self-taught in personal computers. He introduced the first personal computer onboard the USS Sumter LST- 1181 in the mid 80's and provided training in its use for office personnel, when typewriters and handwritten paperwork were still the norm. Charles has accumulated over 30 years of experience and an extensive knowledge base in both personal computers and the hot tub industry. His unique ability to provide practical and diverse technical support in person and over the phone has provided his customers, both local and around the nation, with the knowledge and expertise to make repairs themselves or just to establish a baseline for an needed service call and insure the service call is done efficiently with the least expense possible to the customer. With La Honda, CA as his home, he provides much needed professional services with a personal touch to the surrounding coastal communities and the local Bay Area.
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USS Sumter LST-1181
USS Curtis Wilbur DDG-54