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Support is what we are all about!
Mac and PC Support, Linux Support for Ubuntu Users: In this rapidly evolving computer age, your devices often present challenges that can sideline your important everyday tasks, making it difficult to work efficiently and effectively. We focus on your personal needs and provide assistance in choosing the right equipment or making the existing equipment work FOR you.. Whether it’s Windows or Mac OS or even Linux, we can help! We can come to your home or place of business or you can bring your device to us.
Point of interest! 
Restarting your computer or smart devices daily or at least weekly can eliminate many odd behavioural issues your device may develop. This includes your smart phones and pads too! If your computer or device freezes and will not respond to any keyboard or touch screen actions, then reset the device by pressing and holding in the power button. On some devices like Iphones, It is necessary to press and hold the power button and the home button until the device resets. This varies per device, so check your device’s user manual for details.
Computer Security 
Never accept a cold call on the phone offering remote computer assistance. They may even say your computer is infected. HANGUP NOW...Its a scam to get your money. Use good Anti-Malware software like AVG Internet Security and do all your system updates regularly.
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